Integrated Laser Processing Systems.

6D Laser has as its central mission to address the limitations of existing laser processing systems which are largely due to sub-optimal positioning systems used by systems integrators. 6D Laser tackles this problem by integrating ultra-fast laser material processing with the 6D nanometer-level precision motion control solutions that ALIO Industries specializes.


6D Laser vertically integrates all of the sub-systems required for precision laser micro-processing, and it does this by forming strategic partnerships with key component and subsystem suppliers that are required to achieve the goals of demanding precision applications.

High Performance Planar Processing

6D Laser's Unlimited Field-of-View (UFV™) solution combines the precision galvo scanning of SCANLAB's XLSCAN system with ALIO's precision monolithic XY stages for superior UFV accuracy.  As customers' requirements of laser microprocessing applications become more demanding, the performance of legacy systems do not meet the specifications for accuracy, repeatability, and precision.

Hybrid Hexapod® Based Micromachining Systems

Laser micro-machining of fine features using ablative methods leads to the formation of steep wall taper angles when drilling or milling deep features (>100 microns). The traditional solution to this problem is to employ a 5-axis precession scan head. 6D Laser’s alternative approach is to control the taper angle by varying the AOI using ALIO’s 6-D Hybrid Hexapod®. By combining the high-speed scanning of the galvos, with the multi-axis motion control of the Hybrid Hexapod®, 6D Laser can take full advantage of the unique processing capabilities of ultrafast lasers, without the need for a costly precession scan head, thereby lowering the barrier to entry for precision laser micro-machining.

Laser Gimbal™ Based Micromachining Systems

As manufacturing geometries continue to increase in complexity, the need to control angle of incidence (AOI) for non-planar substrates becomes crucial. 6D Laser’s large format integrated 5-axis laser processing system combines ALIO's Laser Gimbal motion system with high-speed galvo scanning to allow processing of complex 3D geometries.

High-Throughput Polygon Scanning Solutions

With the recent considerable increases in the average power of ultrafast lasers, there became a need to increase the scanning speed in order to avoid unwanted thermal effects. Polygon scanning addresses this need by offering increased laser processing throughput with increased flying speed to 100 m/s or more. 6D Laser has partnered with Next ScanTechnology to provide fully integrated planar laser processing systems that combine ALIO's precision motion stages with high-throughput polygon scanners.